m i h a u s

make it yours

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m i m a t e r i a l s
The studio building is based on an environmentally sustainable modular system.

Galvanised Steel ‘picture frames’ are bolted together with interchangeable wall, window and door panels, which can be easily unbolted and relocated.

The standard m i h a u s prototype incorporates environmentally sustainable materials. For example, Hemp panel has been used extensively (for the first time in Australia) as it is lighter and stronger than standard board panels, less prone to swelling from moistures and doubles as both a structural product and a highly efficient insulator.

Commercial hemp is a very fast growing fibre that stores large quantities of carbon, substantially offsetting the buildings CO2 emissions helping toward a carbon neutral foot print.

A structural grid based on standard sheet sizes also minimizes waste and maximizes time efficiency.

Energy efficient glazing in windows and doors.

Louvres to provide cross ventilation.

Haiku’s Ceiling Fans by BigAssFans circulate air.

Ceilings and walls are hoop-pine ply clad which is plantation grown.

Hardwood floor over hemp insulated floor space enables heat to be retained and re-radiated back into the space during the late afternoon and night in winter.
m i c u s t o m i s a t i o n

As a steel frame based studio, customisation is limited only by your imagination and budget. A massive range of cladding panels, recycled and renewable materials are available in the marketplace today that use standard shapes and sizes. These can be easily incorporated into the innovative m i h a u s “picture frame” approach.

Repositioning of windows doors and wall panels is all possible depending on your personal preference, your site and the relationship of m i h a u s to your existing home. Building to lock up stage is also an option with more detailed fit outs possible at a later date.
m i b u i l d i n g

Should you decide to proceed with a m i h a u s studio - or even two or three - we’re here to make the process as simple as possible. From modifications and customisation through to council applications and support during the building stage.

Our project management and installation service will have your m i h a u s up and running in as little as 3 weeks - so why not book a holiday and come back to a new home ... literally!